2014-2015 Research Grant Awards Announced!

2014-2015 Research Grant Awards Announced!

May 1, 2014

The UCCNRS is happy to announce the recipients of its research grants for the 2014-2015 academic year. The broad research focus area for 2014-2015 is RACE AND EMPIRE, POSTCOLONIALITY, AND DECOLONIALITY

Requests for funding in this cycle totaled roughly $853, 297, while the amount available for grants was $150,000. Of the 84 proposals submitted, we made nine faculty awards and fifteen graduate student awards. Award decisions were made by an External Review Committee composed of ladder-rank UC faculty from around the UC system.

See the list of past grant recipients here.


Stefan Bargheer, Los Angeles, “Race into Culture: Military Intelligence and the Remaking of the Social Sciences during World War II” 

Catherine Bliss, San Francisco, “Postcolonial Idioms of Race and Identity in the Genomic Age” 

Mitchell Chang, Los Angeles, “An Examination of Native Hawaiian Migration to the Continental United States” 

Mhoze Chikowero, Santa Barbara, “Tool of Empire, Technology of Self-Liberation: Colonial Radio Broadcasting to Africans in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, 1920s-1980”

Mishuana Goeman, Los Angeles, “Mapping Indigenous LA: Place Making Through Digital Storytelling” 

Grace Kyungwon Hong, Los Angeles, “Against Domestication: Audre Lorde’s Anti-Imperialist Vision” 

Bettina Ng’weno, Davis, and Lok Siu, Berkeley, “Comparative Raciality of Afro and Asian Latin Americans” 

Emiko Saldivar, Santa Barbara, “Racial Formations at the End of the Multicultural Turn: The Case of Mexico” 

Xiaojian Zhao, Santa Barbara, “New Racial Dimensions in Global Migration: Wenzhou Migrants in Americas, Europe, and Africa” 


David Baillargeon, Santa Barbara, “Slaving on the Eastern Frontier: Britain, Burma, and the Political Economy of Empire, 1795-1900” 

Devin Beaulieu, San Diego, “Savages” in an Indigenous State: Internal Colonialism, Race, and Indigenous Territory in the Bolivian Amazon” 

Gregory Burris, Santa Barbara, “Media Intifada: The Globalization of Palestine in Film, Culture, and Consciousness” 

Alfred Flores, Los Angeles, “Little Island into Mighty Base”: Land, Labor, and U.S. Empire in Guam, 1941-1972” 

Maryam Griffin, Santa Barbara, “Bus Stations and State Formations: The Politics of Public Transportation in Israel/Palestine” 

Kyung Hee Ha, San Diego, “Zainichi Koreans in the Era of Global(ized) ‘War on Terror’” 

Hareem Khan, Santa Barbara, “Modern Skins: Racialized Subjectivities in Postcolonial Mumbai” 

Nadeen Kharputly, San Diego, “Institutional Representations of Arab Culture in the United States and France” 

Padma Maitland, Berkeley, “Black Buddhist: The Visual and Material Cultures of the Dalit Movement and Black Panther Party” 

Victoria Massie, Berkeley, “Reconceptualizing Race Through the Transnational Circulation of Genetic Ancestry Testing Information” 

Kimberley McKinson, Irvine, “Dwelling with the Afterlife of Slavery: Crime, Materiality, and the Aesthetics of Security in Jamaica” 

Caroline Ritter, Berkeley, “The Cultural Project of the Late British Empire in Africa” 

Chandra Russo, Santa Barbara, “Solidarity Witness: Disrupting the Racial Logics of the U.S. Security State” 

Winter Schneider, Los Angeles, “Black Liberty: Race Making in 19th Century Haiti”