Race Matters Series: Clarence Lusane "Little Hope, Little Change: African Americans and Their Discontent in the Age of Obama"

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
MCC Lounge, UCSB

This talk will focus on the nature of American racial politics and policies during the Obama presidency and beyond. Why has President Barack Obama largely failed to address longstanding racial disparities? What has been the role of conservative political resistance? What opportunities has the Obama administration missed? Is there a place for the black community to challenge the President? 

Clarence Lusane is Associate Professor in the School of International Service at American University.An activist and journalist as well as a political scientist, Lusane was born in Detroit and received his Ph.D from Howard University.  He is the former editor of the journal Black Political AgendaLusane is a national columnist for the Black Voices syndicated news network, and his writings have appeared in The Black Scholar, Race and Class, The Washington Post, Z Magazine, Radical History Journal and many other publications. Lusane appears regularly on C-SPAN, PBS, and BET. He is the author of numerous books; his latest is The Black History of the White House (City Lights Publishers, 2010).

Co-sponsored by the Center for Black Studies Research and the Center for New Racial Studies.