Measuring the Diverging Components of Race In Multiracial America

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 09:00

A conference on "Measuring the Diverging Components of Race In Multiracial America" was held June 26-27, 2014 at Rice University in Houston.  The conference was organized at the Program for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Culture (PSERC), based at Rice's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

The UCCNRS had nothing to do with this conference at all, but we applaud its organizers' and participants' efforts to deconstruct -- to to speak -- the social scientific meaning and measurement of race.

Some descriptive material about the conference can be found in the flyer above.  To access the conference's website, go here.

We look forward to continuing work of this type, both from the Kinder Center at Rice and from other, parallel initiatives across the country and around the world.


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