Three Ways to Fight Racism in 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014 - 12:43

 Three Ways to Fight Racism in 2014

I like the ColorlinesRacial Justice Bucket List for 2014.” The activists and organizers included provide a good mix of the concrete/practical and more abstract/idealistic steps we should take toward achieving true racial justice. It’s obviously not an exhaustive list, as you’d need books upon books upon books in order to properly lay out a comprehensive plan for eliminating racism in the United States. Put frankly, this shit is complicated. But having goals helps, even if their only real achievement is keeping you sane in the midst of the chaos. I have a few things I’m working toward this year:

1. Reclaiming the definition of “racism.”

2. Putting respectability politics on the shelf where they belong.

3. Making every politician say the words “mass incarceration.”

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