VIJAY PRASHAD, Civility By Any Other Name Berkeley’s Faux Free Speech

Monday, September 8, 2014 - 10:00
Civility By Any Other Name

Berkeley’s Faux Free Speech

COUNTERPUNCH, September 8, 2014
It...amused me to read Chancellor Dirks’ email to the UC campus community. “Free speech and civility,” wrote the current Chancellor, “are two sides of a single coin – the coin of open, democratic society.” What is the relationship between free speech and civility? The Chancellor does not make this clear. He affirms the importance of free speech, for after all this is a guarantee of the US Constitution not a product of the Free Speech Movement. That Movement was not about the right to speak as such. Even the conservative student leaders, such as David Levy 1964 editor of the campus magazine Man and State, agreed that free speech is inviolable. Free speech itself was not the issue. The FSM was about the right to express and propagate political opinions on campus property (which is also state property).
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