Research Grants Awarded

This is a comprehensive list of past  winners of University of California Center for New Racial Studies research grants.

Awards are made throughout the UC system to both faculty and graduate students. The recipients of awards are listed below, along with the recipients' department/academic unit, UC campus, and project title.



University of California Center for New Racial Studies: Research Grants Awarded for 2013-2014

Thematic Cluster: "The Racial State: Democratic and Despotic Dimensions"


Sora Han, UC Irvine, "The Racial Politics of American Federalism: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Disability at the Intersection of Democratic Governance"

Robin DeLugan, UC Merced, "Despotic States and Democratizing Nations: Remembering 1930s Racial Violence in the Dominican Republic and in El Salvador"

Amalia Cabezas, UC Riverside, "Latinas and Human Trafficking: A Comparative Study of Mexican and Dominican Cantineras"

Fatima El-TayebUC San Diego, "The Non-Racial State: Disciplining Muslim Minorities in Post-Holocaust Germany"

Lalaie Ameeriar, UC Santa Barbara, “The “Post-Racial” State: Re-Colonizing Pakistani Immigrant Bodies In The Age of Multiculturalism”

Diane Fujino, UC Santa Barbara, "Japanese Americans and the Contested Nature of Cold War Citizenship and Radical Democracy"

Stuart Sweeney, UC Santa Barbara, "Central American fertility in Los Angeles translation: Informing statistical models with qualitative context"

Mark Massoud, UC Santa Cruz, "Rights, Race, and the Rule of Law in Conflict Settings"


Janey Lew, UC Berkeley, "In Place, of Solidarity: Asian American Narratives of Acknowledgement"

Ali Chaudhary, UC Davis, "Racialized Transnationalism: The Criminalization of Pakistani Immigrant Transnational Engagement in London, Toronto and New York City"

Adam Thomas, UC Irvine, "Racial Ambiguity and Citizenship in the Postemancipation U.S. and Jamaica"

Caitlin Patler, UC Los Angeles, "Young and Undocumented: The Impacts of Legal Status on the Incorporation of Immigrant Young Adults in California"  

Winmar Way, UC Los Angeles, "Dilemmas of Citizenship and Education in Refugee Resettlement"

Lluliana Alonso, UC Los Angeles, "Historical Recovery: A Critical Race History in Education Analysis of Chicana/os in South Central Los Angeles 1930-1949"

Rachel Carrico, UC Riverside, "Dancing Through the Streets of Post-Katrina New Orleans: Second Lining, Race, and Citizenship"

Cutler Edwards, UC San Diego, "Styles of Struggle: Community Organizing, Youth Culture, and Radical Politics in New York City, 1968-1981"

James Shrader, UC San Diego, "The Garden of Misery: Revolution and Genocide in Tucumán, Argentina, 1955-1978"

Raquel Pacheco, UC San Diego, "Intergenerational Dissonance: Youth Migration and Indigenous Politics"

Jeb Sprague, UC Santa Barbara, "The Caribbean and Global Capitalism"

Steven Osuna, UC Santa Barbara, "Policing the Wretched: Transnational Apparatuses of Social Control in the Early Twenty-First Century"

Linda Hall, UC Santa Barbara, "Reinstating Racism: Afro-Ecuadorians, the Political Resistance and the 2013 Democratic Election"

Eva Michelle Wheeler, UC Santa Barbara, "Coloring Outside the Lines: The Discourse of Racial and Ethnic Identity in the Dominican Republic"

Gustavo Barahona-López, UC Santa Barbara, "Building a Mexican Richmond: the Racial State, Criminalization, and the Politics of Citizenship"

Jimiliz Valiente-Neighbours, UC Santa Cruz, "Little Americans: Filipino World War II Veterans and the Role of Race, Empire, and Bodies in Citizenship Formation"

Yvonne Kwan, UC Santa Cruz, "Encountering Memory and Affect: Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma in Second Generation Cambodian American Refugees"

Alex Melhuish, UC Santa Cruz, "Social Documentation: Youngun"

Lena Jackson, UC Santa Cruz, "The Battle Over Crenshaw: Documenting the Community Resistance to Save Crenshaw High School from Reconstitution"

Elyse Banks, UC Santa Cruz, Catholic Interracialism in New Orleans, 1945-1980: A Historical Survey with Implications for the Post-Katrina Moment"


University of California Center for New Racial Studies: Research Grants Awarded for 2012-2013

Thematic Cluster: "Race-Making, Race-Neutrality, Race-Consciousness"


Abrams, Laura, Associate Professor, Social Welfare, UC Los Angeles: "Race Making in the
Context of a Day Reporting Center for Young Men of Color on Probation in Los Angeles

Craig, Maxine, Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, UC Davis: "Race-making and Race-
Consciousness in Motion: Race, Gender, Class and the Journey to School"

Edwards, Erica, Assistant Professor of English, UC Riverside, "The Other Side of Terror:
African American Literature after 9/11"

Frasure-Yokley, Lorrie, Assistant Professor of Political Science, UC Los Angeles: "The Politics
of Deracialization in Multiracial America"

ImadaAdria, Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego: "Photographing Leprosy: The
Medical Gaze in America’s Tropical Empire"

Jerng, Mark, Professor of English, UC Davis: "Protocols of Racial Reading"

Mora, G. Christina, Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC Berkeley: "Immigrant Classifications in Race-
Neutral States"

Okamoto, Dina, Associate Professor of Sociology, UC Davis: "Status, Racialization, and
Intergroup Contact among Native and Immigrant Groups"

Orellana, Marjorie, Professor, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UC Los
Angeles: "Seeing, Hearing and Naming Race in an After-school Contact Zone"

Postero, Nancy, Associate Professor of Anthropology, UC San Diego: "Decolonizing Bolivia:
Race, Citizenship, and Political Practice."

Zavella, Patricia, Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies, UC Santa Cruz: "'Making It
Real': Young Women Of Color Organize Around Reproductive Justice"


Garcia, Angela, Sociology, UC San Diego: "Destinations of Everyday Exclusion: Facially-
Neutral Immigrant Policy and Incorporation in California"

Gascon, Luis Daniel, Criminology, Law and Society, UC Irvine: "Policing Divisions: The
Production, Practice, and Politics of Race in South Los Angeles"

Gillen-Oneel, Cari, Psychology, UC Los Angeles: "Implicit Race-Academic Stereotypes:
Development and Consequences"

Johnston, Marc, Education and Information Studies, UC Los Angeles: "Racial Essentialism in a
Post-Racial and Post-Genomic Era: Toward a Grounded Theory"

Madrigal, Tomas, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara: "Demographic Change
and Race in U.S. Rural Society: Mexican Campesinos and the Racial State in Washington,

Perez, Raul, Sociology, UC Irvine: "Stand-Up Comedy and the 'Color-Vividness' of Race in the
US: From the Civil- Rights Period to the Era of 'Color-Blindness'"

Ramirez, Marla, Chicana and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara: "Illegality Contested: Early
Twentieth Century U.S. Mexican Deportations and the Politics of Immigration Law"

Rizzo, Martin, History, UC Santa Cruz: "No Somos Animales: Indigenous Diversity and
Plurality in 19th Century Santa Cruz, California"

Rollins, Oliver, Social and Behavioral Sciences, UC San Francisco: "The Brain, Violence, and
Race: 'Seeing' Violence through the Lens of Nonscientific Knowledges and Technologies"

Sine, Elizabeth, History, UC San Diego: "Movements on the Margins: Struggles for Survivaland Dignity in Depression-Era California"

Smyth, Noel, History, UC Santa Cruz: "The Natchez Diaspora: A History of Indigenous
Displacement and Survival in the Atlantic World"

Summers, Brandi, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz: "'La Douleur Exquise': Neoliberalism, Race, and
the Un/Making of Blackness in the 21st Century"

Tzeggai, Fithawee, Sociology, UC Berkeley: "The Failures of Compensatory Education:
Federal Intervention and the Post-Civil Rights Struggle Over Urban Public School Reform"

Wilms, Stephanie,History, UC Riverside: "Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple: A
Study in Race, Gender, and African American Religion, 1913-1930"

2012-2013 MINI GRANTS


UC Santa Cruz (PI: Eric Porter, American Studies/History): Seed grant to establish a Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Working Group at UCSC

UC Davis (PI: Sunaina Maira, Asian American Studies): Investigating the "Diversity Infrastructure" at UC Davis

UC Santa Barbara (PI: Patricia Marin, Girvetz Graduate School of Education): Becoming an Hispanic-Serving Institution: Including Graduate Students in the Vision

UC Santa Barbara (PI: Jeffrey Stewart, Black Studies): A New Sustainable Future for All Californians


UC Los Angeles and UC Santa Cruz (PIs: Maylei Blackwell, Chicana/o Studies; Patricia Zavella, Latin American and Latino Studies): Rethinking Intersectionality Through Social and Cultural Activism


  University of California Center for New Racial Studies: Research Grants Awarded for 2011-2012

Thematic Cluster: Race/Gender/Class Intersectionality


Amar, Paul(shared award with Mark Sawyer, Political Science, UCLA) — Associate Professor, Global & International Studies — Santa Barbara — The Racial Missions of Militarized Humanitarianism in Haiti: Clashing Formations of Brazilian and Cuban Internationalism

Falcón, Sylvanna — Assistant Professor, Latin American & Latino Studies — Santa Cruz — Examining Transnational Feminist Interventions in the UN’s Efforts to Combat Racism

Joseph, Suad — Professor, Anthropology & Women and Gender Studies — Davis — Breaking the News: U.S. Media Representations of “Veiled Muslim Women” in the Reign of Islamophobia

lewallen, ann-elise — Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies — Santa Barbara — Unravelled: The Cipher of Race and Gender in Indigenous Women's Empowerment

Lipsitz, George— Professor, Black Studies and Sociology — Santa Barbara — Intersectionality Among Immigrant Women: Assessing the Leadership Development Strategy of Asian Immigrant Women Advocates

Nuru-Jeter, Amani — Assistant Professor, School of Public Health — Berkeley — Gendered Racism, Social Class, and the Health of African American Women

Penner, Andrew— Assistant Professor, Sociology — Irvine — An Intersectional Analysis of How Social Status Shapes Race

Vargas, Deborah — Assistant Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies — Irvine — Sounding Chicana Racialized Genders and Sexualities


Apolloni, Alexandra-- C.Phil., Musicology -- Los Angeles -- Singing the Swinging Sixties: Race, Voice, and Girlhood in 1960s British Pop

Breckenridge-Jackson, Ian— Ph.D. Student, Sociology — Riverside — The New Orleans Rebirth Movement: Composition and Regional Impact

Corage Baden, Andrea— MPH, Ph.D. Candidate, Social and Behavioral Sciences — San Francisco — Exploring health equity discourse and its implications for practice

Gupta, Arpana “Annie”— Ph.D., Psychiatry (Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior) — Los Angeles — Brain Processing Associated with Discrimination Among Intimate Partner Violence Positive South Asian Women

Jabour, Tania — Ph.D. Candidate, Literature — San Diego — Spectacular Subjects: Race, Rhetoric, and Visuality in Nineteenth Century American Public Cultures

Kim, Mimi— Ph.D. Candidate, School of Social Welfare — Berkeley — Contesting Feminisms: Intersectionality and Social Movement Challenges to Gender-Based and State Violence

Mendoza-Garcia, Gabriela— Ph.D. Candidate, Critical Dance Studies — Riverside — Bodily Renderings of the Jarabe Tapatio in Early 20th-Century Mexico, Millennial Mexico and the United States: Race, Nation, Class, and Gender

Peterson, David — Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology — Irvine — Colliding at the (Color-blind) Intersections: Liberal College Students Negotiate the Relationship between Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality

Ruiz, Stevie — Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnic Studies — San Diego — Citizens in the Making: Interracial Politics and Land Rights in the Imperial Valley, 1907-1942

Sangrey, Trevor Joy— Ph.D. Candidate, History of Consciousness — Santa Cruz — "Put One More 'S' in the USA": The Productive Fiction of the Black Nation Thesis

Santos, Adrianna Michelle— Ph.D. Candidate, Chicana and Chicano Studies — Santa Barbara — Chicana Survival Narratives: Representation, Gender Violence and Politics


University of California Center for New Racial Studies: Research Grants Awarded for 2010-2011

THEMATIC CLUSTER: The Nation and Its Peoples: Citizens, Denizens, Migrants


Alvarez, Luis — Associate Professor, History — San Diego — Another University is Possible

Ayala, Cesar — Professor, Sociology — Los Angeles — The Borders of “American Peoplehood”: Filipinos and Puerto Ricans in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II

Bascara, Victor — Associate Professor, Asian American Studies — Los Angeles — The Traveling American Canon: Teaching American Literature in the Colonies

Blackwell, Maylei — Assistant Professor, Chicana and Chicano Studies — Los Angeles — New Transnational Hubs: Rewriting Race, Gender and Indigeneity in Los Angeles

Camacho, Keith— Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies — Los Angeles — Between Okinawa and the Marianas: Ethnographies of Sovereignty and Security in the Post-9/11 Pacific

Darian-Smith, Eve — Professor, Global and International Studies — Santa Barbara — New Indian Wars: The Challenges of Indigenous Sovereignty

Fernando, Mayanthi — Assistant Professor, Anthropology — Santa Cruz — Reforming Religion: Race, Ethnicity, and Secularism in the New Europe

Garcia-Bedolla, Lisa (shared award with Claire Jean Kim, Asian American Studies, Irvine) — Associate Professor, Education — Berkeley — Beyond Whiteness: Asian Americans and Latinos in the U.S. Imagination

Gee, Gilbert— Associate Professor, Community Health Studies — Los Angeles — A longitudinal study of how migrants change their conceptualizations of race

Gleeson, Shannon— Assistant Professor, Latin American & Latino Studies — Santa Cruz — Assessing Processes of Legal Mobilization Amongst Low-Wage Workers

Hong, Christine— Assistant Professor, Literature — Santa Cruz — Legal Fictions: Afro-Asian Human Rights Cultural Production and the Pax Americana in the Pacific Rim

McKay, Steve— Assistant Professor, Sociology — Santa Cruz — Racializing Diaspora: Constructing a Filipino Niche in Global Labor Markets

Rodriguez, Dylan — Professor, Ethnic Studies — Riverside — White Supremacy as Animus: Rethinking Race/State Violence/Civil Society

Tajima-Peña, Renee— Professor, Community Studies — Santa Cruz — ¿Más Bebés?

Woods, Clyde— Associate Professor, Black Studies — Santa Barbara — The Crises of California’s African American Communities


Bui, Long— Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnic Studies — San Diego — Virtual Vietnam: Locating the Refugee Archive in theDigital Age

Burciaga, Edelina — Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology — Irvine — "I Still Have a Dream": Framing and Collective Identity in the Undocumented Student and Immigrant Rights Movements

Carter, Mitzi (shared award with Ariko Ikehara, Ethnic Studies, Berkeley) — Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology — Berkeley — Blackness in Flux in Okinawa: Making Race In-Between Racial “States of Being”

Chen, Angela— Ph.D. Candidate, Education — Los Angeles — A Study of Institutional Allies and the Challenges of Serving Undocumented Students: Toward a Theory of Transformative Agency

DeGuzman, Jean-Paul— Ph.D. Candidate, History — Los Angeles — Shaking Up the Suburbs: Marketing, Migration and Mobilization in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, 1920-2002

Griesbach, Kathleen — Ph.D. Candidate, Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies — San Diego — Immigrant Detention on the US-Mexican Border: Race, Law, and the “Geography of Difference”

Jones, Jennifer — Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology — Berkeley — Race Making and Linked Fate: Race and Citizenship through the Lens of Afro and Mestizo Mexican Migrants in the American South

Kim, Anna — Ph.D. Candidate, Urban Planning — Los Angeles — The Informal/Formal Racial Divide: “Blended” Labor Market Participation in an Ethnic Enclave

Lewis, Adam— Ph.D. Candidate, Literature — San Diego — Naturalizing Empire: Citizenship, Sovereignty, and the Print Cultures of U.S. Empire, 1820-1860

Maghbouleh, Neda — Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology — Santa Barbara — Dual/Dueling Subjectivities in Diaspora: Cultural and Political Challenges to Neo-Assimilation by Iranian-American Youth

Maiorana, Juliette — Ph.D. Candidate, History — San Diego — Mixed American Families: Mining Monopolies, U.S. Engineers, y Mexicanas en La Frontera, 1890-1965

Palter, David— Ph.D. Candidate, History — Santa Cruz — Testing for Race: Lewis Terman, Psychometric Testing, and Asian Americans in Early Twentieth-Century California

Perez, Craig — Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnic Studies — Berkeley — Unincorporated Citizens: Guam, Militarization, and the Limits of National Citizenship

Prieto, Samuel Greg— Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology — Santa Barbara — Living “Illegality”: Immigration Enforcement, Racialization and Latin@ Migrants, Denizens, and Citizens

Robertson, Kimberly — Ph.D. Candidate, Women's Studies — Los Angeles — “Un-Settling Questions: The Construction of Urban Native Identity and Violence Against Native Women”

Sanchez, Sabrina— Ph.D. Candidate, History — Santa Cruz — In the Name of the Father, the Governor, and A-1 Men: Performing Race, Gender, and Nation in Territorial New Mexico, 1880-1920

Shen, Amy— Ph.D. Candidate, Ethnic Studies — Berkeley — Schools With/out Borders: Mobility and Displacement in Transpacific Education

Smith, Jean— Ph.D. Candidate, History — Santa Barbara — “We want new settlers of British stock”: The Politics of British Migration to Southern Africa, 1939-1965

Smith, L. Chase— Ph.D. Candidate, Literature — San Diego — Diversions of Progress in the Transpacific Borderlands

Watson, Mary Virginia— Ph.D. Candidate, Politics — Santa Cruz — The Minuteman Project: Constructing Race, Law, and Social Movements in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Wong, Tom— Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science — Riverside — Enforcing Like A State: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Politics of Immigration Control

Zamora, Sylvia — Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology — Los Angeles — Mexican Immigrants' Racial Perceptions of African Americans Pre and Post-Migration