2013-2014 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 grant recipients!

"The Racial State: Democratic and Despotic Dimensions"


Sora Han, UC Irvine, "The Racial Politics of American Federalism: Race, Gender, Sexuality and Disability at the Intersection of Democratic Governance"

Robin DeLugan, UC Merced, "Despotic States and Democratizing Nations: Remembering 1930s Racial Violence in the Dominican Republic and in El Salvador"

Amalia Cabezas, UC Riverside, "Latinas and Human Trafficking: A Comparative Study of Mexican and Dominican Cantineras" Fatima El-Tayeb, UC San Diego, "The Non-Racial State: Disciplining Muslim Minorities in Post-Holocaust Germany"

Lalaie Ameeriar, UC Santa Barbara, “The “Post-Racial” State: Re-Colonizing Pakistani Immigrant Bodies In The Age of Multiculturalism”

Diane Fujino, UC Santa Barbara, "Japanese Americans and the Contested Nature of Cold War Citizenship and Radical Democracy"

Stuart Sweeney, UC Santa Barbara, "Central American fertility in Los Angeles translation: Informing statistical models with qualitative context"

Mark Massoud, UC Santa Cruz, "Rights, Race, and the Rule of Law in Conflict Settings"


Janey Lew, UC Berkeley, "In Place, of Solidarity: Asian American Narratives of Acknowledgement"

Ali Chaudhary, UC Davis, "Racialized Transnationalism: The Criminalization of Pakistani Immigrant Transnational Engagement in London, Toronto and New York City"

Adam Thomas, UC Irvine, "Racial Ambiguity and Citizenship in the Postemancipation U.S. and Jamaica"

Caitlin Patler, UC Los Angeles, "Young and Undocumented: The Impacts of Legal Status on the Incorporation of Immigrant Young Adults in California"  

Winmar Way, UC Los Angeles, "Dilemmas of Citizenship and Education in Refugee Resettlement"

Lluliana Alonso, UC Los Angeles, "Historical Recovery: A Critical Race History in Education Analysis of Chicana/os in South Central Los Angeles 1930-1949"

Rachel Carrico, UC Riverside, "Dancing Through the Streets of Post-Katrina New Orleans: Second Lining, Race, and Citizenship"

Cutler Edwards, UC San Diego, "Styles of Struggle: Community Organizing, Youth Culture, and Radical Politics in New York City, 1968-1981"

James Shrader, UC San Diego, "The Garden of Misery: Revolution and Genocide in Tucumán, Argentina, 1955-1978"

Raquel Pacheco, UC San Diego, "Intergenerational Dissonance: Youth Migration and Indigenous Politics"

Jeb Sprague, UC Santa Barbara, "The Caribbean and Global Capitalism"

Steven Osuna, UC Santa Barbara, "Policing the Wretched: Transnational Apparatuses of Social Control in the Early Twenty-First Century"

Linda Hall, UC Santa Barbara, "Reinstating Racism: Afro-Ecuadorians, the Political Resistance and the 2013 Democratic Election"

Eva Michelle Wheeler, UC Santa Barbara, "Coloring Outside the Lines: The Discourse of Racial and Ethnic Identity in the Dominican Republic"

Gustavo Barahona-López, UC Santa Barbara, "Building a Mexican Richmond: the Racial State, Criminalization, and the Politics of Citizenship"

Jimiliz Valiente-Neighbours, UC Santa Cruz, "Little Americans: Filipino World War II Veterans and the Role of Race, Empire, and Bodies in Citizenship Formation"

Yvonne Kwan, UC Santa Cruz, "Encountering Memory and Affect: Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma in Second Generation Cambodian American Refugees"

Alex Melhuish, UC Santa Cruz, "Social Documentation: Youngun"

Lena Jackson, UC Santa Cruz, "The Battle Over Crenshaw: Documenting the Community Resistance to Save Crenshaw High School from Reconstitution"

Elyse Banks, UC Santa Cruz, Catholic Interracialism in New Orleans, 1945-1980: A Historical Survey with Implications for the Post-Katrina Moment"